Dear Friends, 

​This 44th Annual Congress of the French Society for Microsurgery is a unique opportunity to stay up-to-date about some of the most specific or useful aspects of microsurgery. 
​ Microsurgery melts into nearly every other speciality but this essential tool of our everyday practice remains misunderstood or feared by some. Our times are those of automation an IA, but this discipline remains a bastion of the finesse of human skill and thought. This is sometimes misinterpreted as a frozen, static surgery, but the understanding of its mechanisms is still evolving; indications change, techniques refine and modernize, as we will see again. 
​For example, even the founding dogma «always do one artery and at least one vein» will be challenged in our round table. 

​ So, come and join us to talk about the future of microsurgery, update your skills, learn from the highly experimented field experts such as our Ukrainian colleagues who will visit us to share their experience, and share tips together! 

Sébastien Hugon



Pediatric microsurgery

Functional reinnervated transfers

Preoperative planning and 

postoperative follow-up 

Are venous anastomoses really needed?

War lesions in 2024

Scientific Committee:

Comité Scientifique

Camille ECHALIER  •  Jean-Noël GOUBIER  •  Sébastien HUGON